General Rental Terms and Conditions

  • General Rental Terms and Conditions
  • The rental is payable three months in advance.
  • The minimum rental period is three months. After this time the instrument may be
    returned at the end of any month. Any excess rental that has been paid will be reimbursed.
  • When purchasing a rental instrument: The rental for the first three months will be credited in full. 80% of the rental paid during the first two years will be credited. When purchasing a new instrument in the minimum price category of the rented
    instrument, half of the rental paid during the first year will be credited.
  • The rental charge includes insurance to cover damage. During the first three months the excess amounts to CHF 200; no excess is payable thereafter. Theft is not covered by the
  • The lessee is responsible for replacing the strings of plucked instruments.
  • Spiri AG will assume tuning work and repairs required as the result of normal wear and tear free of charge and at short notice.
  • The lessee must advise Spiri AG of any change of address immediately. In the event that the lessee fails to do this, he or she shall be liable for any expenses incurred and any resulting inconvenience.
  • If the lessee is more than two months in arrears with his or her payments, Spiri AG will collect the instrument. The lessee shall bear the resulting costs incurred in this regard.
Place of jurisdiction: Winterthur
These rental terms and conditions are governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations.

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